Langkawi Island

Langkawi comprises a group of 104 tropical islands lying off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 30 kilometres from Kuala Perlis and 51 kilometres from Kuala Kedah.

The main islands are richly blessed with a heritage of fabulous myths and legends: of ogres and gigantic birds, warriors and fairy princesses, battles and romance. As a natural paradise, the island are perhaps unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

With a geological history dating back 500 million odd years, the islands contain unique rock formations that stir the imagination and baffle the mind. Numerous caves, with their stunning stalactites and stalagmites, taunt the adventurous to unravel their ancient secrets.

Fine beaches offer sun-filled days of complete relaxation. The clear, emerald waters around the islands provide a host of water sports and recreation, and a magical world of marine life. Nestling amidst the mist-covered hills, limestone outcrops and lush forest are fascinating waterfalls and mysterious caves.

The rich diversity of flora and fauna offers the nature lover amazing sights and sounds'. For those with a yen for adventure, jungle trekking and a boat trips up rivers and around the islands are most rewarding. The rustic beauty of the islands is in itself a compelling attraction.

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